Fun Times:
I've had a lot of fun bonding with some of the girls in my group the past few weeks. We've made a lot of inside jokes and a lot of memories. I'm glad I've pushed past anything I've ever thought and that I decided to get closer to them.
I miss some of my other friends though. I'm thinking of two in particular. It used to be the three of us, then more and more people came into the group. And I miss it just being us. I was so close to both of them. 
I just miss them :(

But it's okay, life will go on, people grow apart and that is a part of life.

Ugh. Work, disagreeing, singlehood.
It all sucks.
Work is good, besides the fact that it always seems that the perfect work days get ruined by my manager being retarded. And I can't really handle disagreeing with people on things. I'm working on it, but it's so hard for me..
And I HATE being single! It sucks.. 

Anyways that's all..`


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