So today was interesting. I had to go to a health clinic because I am out of my home state and I was sick as a dog yesterday. It was pretty funny. There was a giant jar of condoms and my cousin took one. The clinic was pretty generous with the size too; "Large". They also had a poster informing readers of genital warts. 
Then I got a steroid shot; in the butt. 
Hawkward! But hilarious! 
Then the day just got better I guess. Drove down a wrong turn and ended up finding a road that reminded me of my childhood; "The Cimarron Trail." When I was younger we would watch videos called that in Children's Church. 
Then we went to the park, where we always have fun. (If I wasn't cheap I would upgrade to pro and put videos up, but I am, so oh well.) We love to go on the see-saw and the little rocking animals. 
It's always a fun time with my cousin, she's my best friend for sure. No matter what we are always here for each other. We've always lived hours apart, in fact, this is the closest we've ever lived to each other- 6 hours away. The farthest we've lived apart was when she lived in Germany.
So there's a little more about my life. But I'm gonna go watch YouTube vidoes now.
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