Last night a high school near me hosted a movie event at our local theater as a ministry opportunity. It was very cool that they did that and I kind of wished my school would have thought of it first, but, it was still awesome.
The movie was free, I don't think I mentioned that. It was a christian movie, and probably one of the best there is. 
It wasn't all just God this, and God that. It started out quite secular actually, sex, drugs, rock n' roll. The main guy's childhood best friend had committed suicide. So the movie goes through his entire experience with that. I'm not going to spoil it for you (much), but you should totally go and see it. I highly recommend it. 
I cried, a lot. It just really hit home in the way that I don't reach out as much as I could. I've recently just been really down about my friends leaving next year for college and scared that I won't have many friends my senior year. Now I'm thinking that maybe I'm supposed to make friends with the people who don't have friends. 
The entire point of going to school at all was to change lives, or something meaningful. I haven't been doing too much of that
I want to make a change in my school, and my class. A good portion of the kids in my grade are just huge partiers and they do nothing but hate and judge everyone who isn't in their clique, which is so annoying and hypocritical. But I will learn to love them anyways. 
I will choose to love like I want to be loved.

Will you do the same?


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