Today's a short day at school, Woot! Woot!

It's been a pretty good day besides feeling like I was going to get eaten alive with acid in Chemistry 2. I feel like I'm far too paranoid to be in such a dangerous class, but dang are my hands clean now!  I've had two incidents where I've gotten acid on me already, and I'd rather it not happen again. 
I thought this would be the most dangerous lab we've done but it most definitely isn't. The next one we do there's a possibility of combustion while the beaker is in our hands. So I think I'll not hold it!

Other than my Chem 2 issues today has been great because people have actually been acknowledging my existence since I know stuff about the Chromebooks and no one else really does. So then I get more opportunity to talk to them too, it's quite nice that I can start opening up to people in my own grade. 

It's really gonna suck next year when my best friends are gone. :(
But I'll surely make new friends and have someone I can talk to and hangout with in my grade. 

Well, class is about to be out so...


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