I always come back around to you. 
It's inevitable if you ask me, and in a way, I love to like you.
I love the day dreaming, the gazing, the ogling, the giddy feeling, the long talks about nothing, and the hope of a future with you.
But I don't miss the heartbreak. Would anyone though? The hope I always thought I had to be with you was never a hope at all. The long talks would sometimes turn into ones about our feelings, and there I am crying in your car in the Taco Bell parking lot. Those were the worst, then I felt hopeless, like I would be forever alone. 
I know that probably isn't the case, and that we are just meant to be friends. But I still feel like there's some chance that we will be. I guess only time will tell. I just wish that someone would come along and sweep me off my feet to distract me from you. Just for a little while; show me that there's more out there.
I guess that's what college will be for... In three years.
At least we still have those long random talks, and a future of some sort. 
I'll always love you in some way, that's for sure.


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