Sometimes you just don't know how to explain something that happened; you don't want too.

It's hard to discuss something so embarrassing and wrong.

I've made a lot of stupid desicions her lately and I am being forced to keep quiet because the other person in the situation would never talk to me again.

And I can't even handle the thought of that. So I keep my mouth closed and suffer in silence.

It's quite obvious when he is brought up that I'm upset about him. We've fought enough that it seems normal I guess, an no one asks questions.

And I'm left with no support, because no me knows, and there is no way I'm telling him all these horrible feelings that myself and him brought upon me.

On top of everything this app is being stupid, and I might be left home alone tonight to wallow in self pity.

I have a hard time turning to God too, because I can't forgive myself, and in that I keep myself from receiving God's forgiveness.

Life sucks today. Plain and simple.

I wanna cry all the time because I hate myself and I hate that I'm so young and that I don't know what I want to do with my life as that if we are ever together it will be so long from now.



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